• 11/30/2019

On Saturday evening, January 27, 2018, the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro James Domine, began the evening's concert with Schumann's Manfred Overture. Taken from Schumann's "Dramatic Poem with Music in Three Parts," this Overture is a magnificent and satisfying piece of music in its own right, as was evidenced by the audience's response.

The piece that followed, "Frolic for Tuba and Orchestra," under the baton of composer Charles Fernandez, who is also a member of the orchestra, can best be described as charming, witty and lively. It is possibly the best tuba concerto and featured tuba player, Aubrey Foard, you will ever hear. The orchestra did a great job! And the audience loved it!

Creating an entirely different mood, Smetana's ever-flowing, "Die Moldau," was beautifully played by the orchestra. The concertgoers sat enthralled by this timeless and lovely piece, and showed their pleasure with resounding applause. 

After intermission, the audience returned to their seats for the performance of Prokofiev's Piano Concerto #3 by the well known and respected pianist, David Pinto. Those who were lucky to have seats that allowed them to watch Mr. Pinto's hands marveled at the speed with which his fingers flew over the keys. His playing was dynamic and powerful, yet sensitive. At the conclusion, the audience leapt to their feet, applauded, shouted and whistled. Mr. Pinto took several curtain calls and asked, surprisingly, asked if they would like a "sweet dessert." He returned to the piano and proceeded to play the lovely "Arabesque#1" by Debussy. Once again the appreciative audience rose and cheered! It was an absolutely wonderful evening of "Great Music Close to Home." 



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