• 11/30/2019

Ok. Here it is. I feel like such an idot! Call me "a psychotropic....." (C.J., Tomahawk); Oh, my Dogue! But if you haven't gone to Professor Domine's website where he lists his compositions and has them available for our enjoyment and musical development, you are losing out! Here I was writing from the perspective of intuition regarding the abundance of characters that are present in his musical compositions (I was thinking about the James Domine, Gothic Symphony #4 in B minor when I wrote my last comment, Hello!). But then I go to the "important links" of the San Fernando Valley Symphony Website, and I find not only all of the composer's works ranging from guitar suites, piano and violin concertos and concertos for viola (and too many others to name here, hence the website!), but I discover a requiem and a ballet that I was hoping he would write! Good Morning America! I imagined the composer writing a ballet in the style of Gershwin even. I got my wish! Here it is!!! You want to imagine an American in Paris and Cid Cherisse dancing to one of our composer's balletic works? Cast her in the Legend of Taliesin! (but listen to his guitar solos first because they are first on the list of compositions and they are just gorgeous! Go to the professor's website and read the composer's synopsis. He will take you through the land of Tolkein and immerse you in a classic cauldron of Dominian humor. I kid you not. Live the fairy tale! Live the dance and let your heart soar! It's all there! A Moral throughout the story. Of course the Maestro is going to have characters gone wild traveling all over his works, musical and literary, both. Classic Dominian Artistry at its best

-Roxanna Cordova


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